The stunning view across the river

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Having fun on Dartmoor

Earlier in the year my partner and I spent a couple of days biking around Devon with a friend of ours.
One the the aims I had from this trip was to have a bit of a play around riding over Dartmoor to get some good footage with the GoPro

The editing isn’t the best but it’s improving all the time.

The choice of music was inspired by what I was singing to myself in my helmet on the way home

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Somewhere new to explore

Work today has brought me to the Berkshire, Oxfordshire border. This is a part if the world is not somewhere I haven’t overly explored before.

Although it’s cold, grey and cloudy outside the rolling hills and winding roads have sparked sufficent interest to want me to come back on a summers day.

Spend a few hours exploring the backroads, find a nice country pub watch the sun go down with a pint or two of real ale.

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Stoking the fires of motorcycle awesomeness!


The link above is a podcast released by a great couple of guys over in the US.

Each week they chat about adventures out on their bikes, carry out gear reviews and discuss listener feedback.

The style of the podcast is very relaxed and its clear that they are two great friends who enjoy what they are doing.

Although most of the rides and places that they talk about are local to Delaware, the engaging style of the podcast seems to draw you in and lets you picture yourself there riding with them.

Its a free podcast, and there is never an mention of donations to keep them up and running, so I wanted to go on the record and express my thanks to them.

I have just signed up to an “event” they are running – A photo rally between the spring and summer equinoxes.

They have posted a list of items and places to photograph your bike with, all having a points value.

The listener with the most points at the ends wins.

A simple yet effective bit of interaction to enhance the fun of the biking season.

James and Chris thanks for the podcasts and keep up the good work

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Every once in a while need a bit too much to drink

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After being off the bike over winter break I figured need to get myself something like back into shape.

Monday the worst day of the week, sitting outside the pool waiting for it to open.

Hopefully will get 50 lengths in to work on strengthening up the back and shoulders, ready for long days on the bike.

This is going to hurt…

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Places I plan to visit


Eau Rouge






Photos such as these inspired me to plan a trip to the Ardennes and  Eifel mountains later this year

Whilst I am a great planner, and take much enjoyment from that I feel its always best to take advice from others


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